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Wellstar Cobb Inpatient Burn Unit Renovation

Levino Jones Medical Interiors collaborated as the finish specifiers for Perkins + Will to incorporate newly-established standard finishes and fixtures at the Inpatient Burn Unit at Wellstar Cobb Hospital in Austell, Georgia.  Included in the two-phase renovation are a family waiting area, staff lounge & restroom, 8 private patient rooms with private restrooms, decentralized and centralized nurse stations, and support space for medication, supplies, etc.  The design featured introduction of the new finishes, furniture, and art standards that Levino Jones and the Hospital team established in the Mock-Up Patient Room design.  The work we did transformed the public corridors and nurse work areas into more updated and fresh appearance, while paying very close attention to infection control and ease of maintenance.  One strong concept for unifying the space was to put a unique image from nature as art in the room and to put a “sliver” of that image in a transparent film on the glass panel in the patient room entry door.  This identifies each room visually to help with wayfinding and art at the same time.

For more on this project and the great work being done at the Wellstar Cobb Inpatient Burn Unit, click on this link:

Doctor Perch at Corridor


Nurse Station

Patient Room Entry

Our Newest Project: Pediatrics Associates of Lawrenceville

Acoustic clouds fill up a vertical space with color, shape and fun!

Pediatrics Associates of Lawrenceville recently opened a new suite with very high ceilings in the waiting area.  It was important to give visual interest to the space as well as provide acoustic control.  LeVino Jones Medical Interiors specified the finishes for the new suite, including Acoustic Clouds by Zintra which gave this busy practice a fun new look and sound control as well!

The acoustic “clouds” used on the ceiling may resemble waffle fries from our favorite fast-food-Georgia-based chicken sandwich restaurant, but they are hard at work absorbing sound with a noise reduction co-efficient of .90.  This lightweight product is cable suspended and easily assembled on site.

Sunshine on a Ranney Day

LeVino Jones Medical Interiors participated recently in a room makeover for “Sunshine on a Ranney Day” (SOARD), a registered nonprofit organization in Atlanta.  SOARD provides fun and uplifting dream bedrooms, bathrooms, and therapy rooms, for children with special needs.

Our client was Juliana, an energetic and cheerful 15-year old with Cerebral Palsy, who wished to become more independent in her bedroom and bath.

Working with SOARD contractors and other volunteer-vendors in the organization, the staff of LeVino Jones Medical Interiors donated their time and talent to renovate these spaces to reflect her personality.  Safe navigation and accessibility were provided  for her through the use of new flooring, handrails on all walls, curb-less shower with seat and a beautiful accessible sink and vanity.   Visit Juliana’s room to see her surprise on Reveal Day and to see her new rooms by clicking this link: 

Visit the SOARD website to see other exciting makeovers and to partner, volunteer or donate:



Our Best Work Never Shows!

You can’t take a picture of good medical space planning.

Without being visible, the thoughtful layout of a medical office or clinic saves staff time and footsteps; supports patient privacy and HIPAA regulations; controls acoustics and sound migration; directs patient flow; supports staff work flow; allows visual access where needed and makes a positive first impression. Expertly prepared medical office floor plans take these considerations into account well before any beautiful details, lighting, finishes or furnishings are considered.

A medical practice runs as well as the space that supports it.  Consider imedical space planning for your next new medical office, expansion or retrofit.















imedical space planning

LeVino Jones is proud to introduce you to an allied company, imedical space planning.

imedical space planning was created expressly to provide prompt and cost effective remote medical space planning services to physicians, clinics, contractors and medical office building owners across the U.S.

If you are moving, expanding, leasing or buying new medical office space, imedical offers a space planning service that provides you with a custom space plan which you may provide to a local architect or contractor, use for a space test fit before purchase or lease, use to obtain a pricing estimate or use as a spring board for the next phase of the design project.

Visit our website for more information!

Our Newest Project: Premier Cosmetic and Laser Surgery

Our most recent project, Premier Cosmetic and Laser Surgery, is now complete!

The 6,129 square-foot suite includes five clinic exam rooms, five facial and spa rooms, one procedure room, one laser room and a boutique skin care retail area. The suite design focused on efficient workflow, branding, clean lines and a serene spa-like environment. Click here to see more images and read about the project.




























Three New LeVino Jones Projects at Northside East Cobb Medical Center

LeVino Jones recently completed three new projects at the newly constructed Northside East Cobb Medical Center in Marietta, Georgia: Obstetrics & Gynecology of Atlanta, North Atlanta Women’s Specialists, and Sovereign Rehabilitation.

Each project was designed with special consideration to meet the individual practices’s mission and meet the highest level of healthcare design. Click on each project name to read more details.

The Georgia Alliance of Interior Design Professionals (GAIDP)

The Georgia Alliance of Interior Design Professionals (GAIDP) is a legislative coalition that ensures interior designers are given the right to practice in the state of Georgia. In June 2010, Georgia legislation was passed that allows Registered Interior Designers to prepare and stamp their own drawings to submit for permit and requires that designers continue to take responsibility for the life safety and code compliance of a space.

GAIDP hires a lobbyist to stay current with legislation that could benefit or harm the design industry. Without GAIDP, a designer’s right to practice would be at stake.

Fellow designers and industry partners, please join GAIDP and be a voice for the design industry. Visit their website to read more about the organization and become a member. The cost to be a member is $50 per year. Currently, there are approximately 4,000 Registered Interior Designers in Georgia and only a fraction of which are GAIDP supporting members.

Veterinary Medicine

Healthcare design includes design of any medical space, including those for animals. Currently, LeVino Jones is in the process of working on two veterinary medicine projects: North Georgia Veterinary Specialist’s Physical Rehabilitation Center and the University of Georgia Veterinary Hospital.

Having worked on their new Animal Hospital in 2011, LeVino Jones Medical Interiors is currently commissioned to provide design work for the North Georgia Veterinary Specialists’ (NGVS) new Center for Veterinary Physical Rehabilitation. Originally, the physical rehabilitation center was an in-house department in the hospital. After years of growth, they have decided to expand the rehabilitation department to be its own center.

Their “physical rehabilitation expert combines physical therapy experience from the human world with extensive training in veterinary rehabilitation to give pets in North Georgia a world-class rehabilitation experience. In fact, NGVS is one of only two practices in the entire region with this capability.” They “help pets regain optimal function after an illness or injury, and ensure they and their owners are supported throughout the entire recovery process.” Treatments include hydrotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound, therapeutic cold laser, acupuncture, chiropractic care, etc.

Designing a space for animals as well as humans presents its own challenges. Odor, noise, parasite control, special equipment needs, animal care and safety, and staff wellbeing are all kept in mind during the design process. LeVino Jones is selecting materials and finishes that are antimicrobial and durable.


















Medical University of South Carolina’s Hope Unit

The new MUSC Hope Unit is a 12-million-dollar oncology unit on the top floor of MUSC’s Ashley River Tower. The unit grew from 12 beds for hematology and oncology patients to now providing 42 dedicated oncology beds which includes an area for blood and marrow transplant patients. The number one goal is to make patients as comfortable as possible and technology and amenities are tailored to meet the needs of the patients and their families. This new unit features spacious, private suites with hallway windows, flat-screen TVs, and waterfall-style shower heads as well as state-of-the-art nurse support stations for handwashing and charting. Views overlook the beautiful Ashley River allowing an abundance of natural light into the space. Family members have their own large lounge area and a family area with a shower and washing machine.

LeVino Jones served as project consultants to Design Strategies Architects for this project and specified finishes to match MUSC standards. Artwork for this project is a part of the Contemporary Carolina Collection and was coordinated by the collection curator.