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Our Newest Project: Pediatrics Associates of Lawrenceville

Acoustic clouds fill up a vertical space with color, shape and fun!

Pediatrics Associates of Lawrenceville recently opened a new suite with very high ceilings in the waiting area.  It was important to give visual interest to the space as well as provide acoustic control.  LeVino Jones Medical Interiors specified the finishes for the new suite, including Acoustic Clouds by Zintra which gave this busy practice a fun new look and sound control as well!

The acoustic “clouds” used on the ceiling may resemble waffle fries from our favorite fast-food-Georgia-based chicken sandwich restaurant, but they are hard at work absorbing sound with a noise reduction co-efficient of .90.  This lightweight product is cable suspended and easily assembled on site.

Make a Statement with ASI Wood Panels

During our office renovation, we designed an entry wall to feature our logo. We wanted a clean, sophisticated look that wouldn’t break the budget. ASI wood panels did just that. The Sculptural Collection features a primed MDF panel in 10 different patterns. The product is sustainable with no added urea-formaldehyde.

Visit the ASI website to see our project featured on the homepage and Sculptural Collection projects page!

Click here to visit the ASI website!

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Healthcare Design Expo + Conference: Why do we attend?

The annual Healthcare Design Expo + Conference is the leading healthcare design conference in the industry. This year the conference was in Houston, Texas from November 12th-15th. The conference is devoted to educating designers, architects and healthcare staff on the impact of the built environment. It focuses on highlighting innovative design solutions and introducing the latest and greatest industry products. Attendees can earn up to 23 CEU credits during the four-day conference.

This year, three LeVino Jones designers attended the conference and enjoyed networking with fellow specialists and attending classes focusing on patient safety, infection control, the patient experience, building innovations, evidence based design and code advancements.

Each year we look forward to the Healthcare Design Conference and are excited to implement the latest trends and strategies learned from the 2016 Conference!



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Industry collaboration: Going for the gold!

We are proud to have collaborated with Kwalu on the award winning Caterina Collection!

“The collection was designed by Alison Jones and Kathy Isogai, LeVino Jones Medical Interiors, Inc. Alison explains, “We wanted to design a seating and occasional table collection with a fresh aesthetic for Kwalu that could be used throughout a hospital or outpatient facility: waiting areas, chapel, clinical spaces, exam rooms, dining areas, administration offices and medical offices. Additionally, this collection includes a care-specific Behavioral Medicine chair and bariatric option of the same design. The entire collection meets and exceeds the rigorous standards for infection control, cleanability, sustainability and durability required for a healthcare environment.”

Follow the link below to read the full press release.


Sky Factory

It’s always fun when a product presentation comes to the office in a full-size showroom on wheels!

Often times, especially in healthcare design, we take inspiration from nature. We try to bring nature indoors with finishes, architectural features, and artwork. Sky Factory has created a great product which allows patients to enjoy picturesque scenes while sitting in a waiting room, receiving chemo treatments, or patiently waiting during an MRI. Not only do they specialize in still images, but also in video monitors. In these one hour video images, patients can experience vivid sunrises and sunsets, the sound of rushing rivers and birds chirping. These images can provide a positive distraction for patients, which creates a better overall healthcare environment for these individuals. LVJ would like to thank Sky Factory for taking the time to stop by and educate us on their unique products!

Group Pic Truck Window

DeKalb County Family Protection Center

We have just posted a new project! Click here to learn more about DeKalb County Family Protection Center and view project images. We hope you enjoy!



ADORE your floors!

Adore luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a unique alternative to the traditional LVT for healthcare designers. Not only does Adore provide great wood patterns, they also offer look-alike cork, travertine, carpet, slate and other various types of stone tiles. Aside from the aesthetic qualities, Adore flooring is also great for healthcare facilities because of the physical properties. The company is extremely conscious of their effects on the environment. They manufacture sustainable products, recycling previously used sheet vinyl, PVC, and other recyclable vinyls to create their LVT. Sustainability is important, but making sure flooring is anti-microbial in certain areas of a healthcare facility is crucial. With their Nanosilver technology, the silver in the LVT creates an anti-microbial element without harming humans. With all this helpful information on sustainable, unique LVT, I hope this leads to a new world of flooring designs in healthcare environments!


Do you need a volcanic wall finish?

Shirasu-KabeDid you know that there is a wall finish out there that can control humidity in a room? That means that it reduces energy consumption and requires less air conditioning. Who knew! The Shirasu Kabe wall finish made by the Habitus Collection found a way to capture the purification properties of a volcanic soil found in Japan and turn it into a plaster wall finish unlike any other. By applying this finish to your healthcare space you will be increasing control over the humidity in the room and thus increasing the comfort levels for the providers and patients. With various types of applications the finish can transform a space to look however you desire!

Environmentally Conscious Signage

Floating Billboard

Atlanta is probably not the best city for this signage installation, but it is too cool to keep in house! HANA created a billboard that can clean a polluted river. With so much focus on environment surrounding us, it’s crucial to find a way to have a low carbon footprint while staying true to the design concept at hand. Proving that advertising can serve the greater good, this group elevated letters made from perennial grasses making this a billboard to be viewed from above. There is no river running through Atlanta to make this exact dream possible, but it sparks endless idea possibilities–floral signage at the base of a skyscraper downtown or succulents placed underneath patient room windows to provide encouraging words. What a unique exterior design statement! While we love interior design, we like outdoor spaces too.

Adjustable Restrooms: Is this the future for ADA?

PressalitThis week, LeVino Jones learned about a new concept for healthcare restrooms. Pressalit introduced a bathroom sink, toilet, and shower seat on a bar system to adjust the height and width of these restroom amenities. With an array of body types visiting each restroom, the system can move vertically or horizontally to fit the needs of patients in compromising positions. This flexible bathroom is designed for intuitive operation while remaining tool free. This movement in furnishings offers the best possible accommodations for those who are physically disabled as well as their caretakers or children.  In addition to providing a great range in mobility, the system offers many options for the interior designer. Pressalit takes pride in providing a unique and flexible solution that will fit present day needs as well as transitioning into challenges in the future. With the motto “keep living” this company’s easy to use, adjustable restroom system provides a chance for an easier day to day life in spite of a disability. We’re looking forward to specifying it and seeing it in action soon!