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Premier Cosmetic and Laser Surgery 

Sandy Springs, Georgia

Project Overview: LeVino Jones Medical Interiors, Inc. provided full scope interior design work for Premier Cosmetic and Laser Surgery. This office is a complete plastic surgery and cosmetic medical practice offering plastic surgical procedures, laser services, cosmetic enhancements and spa services in one convenient location. They “set the standards for outstanding care and beautiful results” and wanted a space that reflected the same level of exceptional work.

The 6,129 square-foot suite includes five clinic exam rooms, five facial and spa rooms, one procedure room, one laser room and a boutique skin care retail area. The suite design focused on efficient workflow, branding, clean lines and a serene spa-like environment.


Scope of Work: Space Planning, Full Construction Documents, Artwork and Signage

Sovereign Rehabilitation

Northside East Cobb Medical Center

Marietta, Georgia

Project Overview: Sovereign Rehabilitation’s newest location in Marietta is a first generation 3,904 square foot space. The office is a comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation suite. The suite features a large open gym area with state-of-the-art equipment, six treatment rooms with dedicated spaces for hand therapy, traction and scoliosis treatment. The open design allows for equipment flexibility with outside views. There are also private areas for consultation and specialized treatment. Overall, the new facility promotes a culture of healing and commits to individualized attention and patient care.

Scope of Work: Space Planning, Full Construction Document


Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery Center (formerly known as Peachtree Neurosurgery)

After completing their clinical suite on the fourth floor, the client’s dream of opening an Ambulatory Surgery Center and a Spine Wellness Center became a reality as some space became available on the sixth floor. The result was acquisition of an additional floor and a half allowed for an recessed-in-slab accessible hydrotherapy pool.

– Ambulatory Surgery Center at 5,575 square feet

-Spinal Surgery of Excellence in compliance with 2014 Federal Guidelines with two operating rooms, one procedure room, 5 pre/post-op bays, and support areas in addition to waiting and staff areas.

-Problem solving modular walls and doors (D.I.R.T.T.) at Pre- and Post-Op bays with “Switch Glass” instead of cubicle curtains for  maximum privacy, acoustical and infection control properties.

– New Spine Wellness Center at 5,311 square feet adjacent to the Surgery Center

-State-of-the-Art Open MRI unit with natural light permeating the room for a relaxing experience.

-Hub for integrated physical medicine and rehabilitation treatments, including a Hydrotherapy Pool.

Scope of Work:

Space Planning, Finish Documents, Specialty Millwork Detailing, Specialty Lighting Specifications & placement, Artwork Consultation, Furniture Selection, Signage Coordination, and Design Administration

Accolades: ASID 2016 Silver Level Design Excellence Award for Healthcare under 10,000 square feet

DeKalb County Family Protection Center

LeVino Jones Medical Interiors was presented with an opportunity to collaborate on a project for DeKalb County called the Family Protection Center.

The project included providing a safe place for victims of sexual assault (women and children), domestic violence, elder abuse, and similar crimes.  These services were being provided in disparate locations around the county. The new location would allow victims to be aided, interviewed, and ultimately provided therapy to help them on the road to recovery and ultimately assist with the legal process against a perpetrator.

A location on the campus of the DeKalb County Police and Fire Department became available in 2013.  LeVino Jones was able to provide full service interior design services to help bring this concept to reality.  The new Center officially opened in May, 2015, has separate waiting areas for women and children, private interview rooms, a sexual assault examination room, and monitoring room.  The facility also includes office space for the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy (GCCA) as well as offices for the Department of Family and Children’s Services, the District Attorney, Special Victims Unit, and other service providers involved in the process.  The main design concept was to create a center that was cheerful, functional, and inspire hope and confidence. LeVino Jones worked closely with GCCA staff and DeKalb County officials, overcoming the challenges of budget, and county planning and construction parameters.

Once all those challenges were overcome, it became obvious that there was little funding left for furniture.  In the absence of a furniture budget or allowance, LeVino Jones solicited interest and donations from commercial furniture vendors and essentially completed the project with mostly donated, mostly new furnishings, artwork and equipment. There are 3 “Teddy Bear” walls that provide stuffed animals for child victims; one entire wall of teddy bears was donated by the contractor, Craftsman Business Interiors.

We are very proud to have been a part of this collaborative project that will be making a difference daily in the lives of the victims of abuse and proud to be associated with generous caring vendors, suppliers and contractors who chose to make a difference as well.

Georgia Cancer Specialists Affiliated with Northside Hospital Cancer Institute at Kennestone

Marietta, Georgia

Project Overview: LeVino Jones Medical Interiors, Inc. provided full scope interior design and master standards planning services for this 27 clinic, 37 physician state-wide cancer specialist group. The project scope included architectural detailing, finishes, furnishings, lighting, signage, and artwork selection. The scope included design of a USP 797 mix room/ pharmacy suite. Special focus in the suite design was patient comfort, infection control, and acoustic privacy.

Scope of Work: Space Planning, Full Construction Documents, Artwork, Signage, and Furniture

Peachtree Neurosurgery PC

Atlanta, Georgia

Project Overview:  This is the sixth project for which LeVino Jones Medical Interiors has provided professional interior design services to Peachtree Neurosurgery. After researching several options for its new “home office” location, Peachtree Neurosurgery selected a building in a vibrant live/work/play complex with patient parking immediately adjacent to their 4th floor location and beautiful floor to ceiling windows. The functional floor plan incorporates efficient staff and patient traffic flow and perimeter glass walls allow exterior light to penetrate the core corridor through use of modular glass walls. “Barn door” style glass sliding door room entrances allows a space saving feature for peripheral rooms. Space features include specialty lighting throughout, modular/ changeable walls, cantilevered ADA exam room sinks with stainless steel tops for infection control and clean appearance, and curved walls for damage reduction.

Scope of Work: Space Planning, Full Construction Documents, Artwork, Signage, Furniture, and Construction Administration

Georgia Neurological Surgery

Athens, Georgia

Project Overview: LeVino Jones Medical Interiors, Inc. provided full-scope design services for this Athens, GA neurological surgery practice. The renovation expansion of 10,793 square feet included space planning, custom architectural detailing, finishes, artwork selection, lighting, and signage design with special emphasis on patient comfort and ease of mobility.

Scope of Work: Space Planning, Design Concepts, Finishes, Furniture, Artwork, and Signage

Accolades: ASID Bronze Award, Best in Commercial Interior Design

Vein Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia

Project Overview: Phase one of this project began with a “quick fix” to an existing 1600 square foot suite and a year later phase two included integration of an adjacent 1850 square foot suite, creating prestigious home office for this specialty practice. Design work included a custom reception desk facade, new surfaces, furnishings, artwork, signage, logo walls, lighting, and branding of the new suite to the theme colors used by the practice.

Space Planning, Full Construction Documents, Finishes, Furniture, Artwork, and Signage

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Reproductive Biology Associates

Atlanta, Georgia

Project Overview: Reproductive Biology Associates is Atlanta’s 30,000 square foot premier in-vitro fertilization center. Utilizing some of the most advanced technology in the world, the RBA suite design appeals to all family members. The new suite needed to appeal to the young couples seeking their services, from comfortable waiting and clinical areas to surgical areas where the “miracles” actually happen. Teaming up with Flad Architects, LeVino Jones Medical Interiors acted as the space planners and artwork, finishes & furniture specifiers for this project. Our concept for this project was “unexpected surprises”. The exam suite was designed in the “pod” concept so that patients don’t feel like they’re in a “sea” of exam rooms. Additional suites include treatment, surgery, egg donor,  lab area, and staff support/ business areas. Each area is connected via corridors with custom artwork of their in-vitro process as well as a series which celebrates the “Ripple Effect” that RBA technology has on a child and family.

Scope of Work: Space Planning, Finishes, Furniture, and Artwork

Marietta Facial

Marietta, Georgia

Project Overview: This 2,905 square foot suite is home to a prestigeous specialty practice. The conversion of this suite into a high end age and gender neutral space includes a photo room, consultation spaces, exam and procedure rooms, aesthetician suite support, offices, and product display.

Scope of Work: Space Planning, Full Construction Documents, Finishes, and Furniture