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Eastside Medical Center/Women’s Center: LDR and Mother/Baby Rooms

LeVino Jones teamed up with Zanardo Architects to completely refresh the existing Labor/Delivery/Recovery and Mother/Baby rooms.  Work was also done in the Waiting Area and Staff Lounge.  The desire was for an “upgrade hotel” appearance in the patient care rooms.  With input from the nursing and medical staff, the first impression of the rooms is now that of a beautiful hotel room, including vessel-style sinks, inspiring scenes from nature, rich wood finishes, and dimmable lighting.  When needed, the rooms can be transformed into fully operational delivery and infant care rooms simply by lifting up artwork to expose the support systems commonly found in those rooms, hidden by wood-looking, durable enclosures.  The sofa can also be changed into a bed for visiting spouses or family members.  Two rooms were done first as “mock-up” rooms so that components could be evaluated and still allow the Center to function.  Over the next few months, the entire Women’s Center will be renovated, including the Nurse Stations, Doctor Sleep Rooms, and Support Areas to transform the Women’s Center into a new, fresh, updated unit.


Scope of Work:

Finish Selection & Specifications, Lighting Selection, Millwork Coordination, Furniture and Accessories Selection and Specifications, Artwork Selection and Specifications, Design Administration