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Atlanta Opthalmology

David A Palay, M.D.
Atlanta Opthalmology
Associates, P.C.

“We have been in our new space less than one week and I just wanted to tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with how everything has turned out. Both aesthetically and from a functional standpoint, this is a perfect ’10’ for me. Your entire staff was excellent to deal with but I wanted to particularly highlight our experience with Sandy Boyette. She was an absolute delight to work with. She paid attention to every detail and in my opinion we could have not done better. I have worked with other architects in the past and her expertise far exceeded anyone I have ever worked with.”

Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery

Seth A. Yellin, M.D., FACS;Director
Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery &
Aesthetics Center

“We have just completed our 3rd project together and you have done it again…Your calm confidence, clarity of vision, refined aesthetic and personal determination to “get it right” are what makes working with you and your company so easy and rewarding. You have managed to capture and create a timeless elegance and serene beauty that I appreciate daily. The office is a continual source of personal pride. I could not be happier.”

sandy springs internal medicine

Peter Gutschenritter, M.D.
Sandy Springs Internal
Medicine, P.C.

“Several months ago, at the advice of our Office Manager, we severed relationship with a reputable design firm and signed with LeVino Jones. It was a very smart move. Immediately after their first presentation, we noted that this company was a step above the competition in both quality and attention to detail. Upon the completion of a design plan, we proceeded with an 8 week renovation that allowed us to continue, uninterrupted, the practice of medicine in our existing office. We love our new space. Our color scheme is clean, coordinated and contemporary. The new furnishings are comfortable and a perfect fit. Many works of art and lighting accents were added and significantly improve the warmth of our office. LeVino Jones has successfully pleased 7 physicians–no small task–without complaint. This is a great design company and I highly recommend them.”

Van Meter Pediatric

Quentin L. Van Meter, M.D.
Van Meter Pediatric
Endocrinology, P.C.

“Thank you for the very professional work you did on my behalf to design the office environment for my practice in 2012. It is a showcase! I had very specific concepts in mind and you were able to take those ideas and expand them appropriately to utilize the new space to the maximum. The product you provided exceeded our expections. I knew as we moved in that we would be excited to come to work each day because of the fun and functional design. Not a day goes by without several of our patients/ families/ reps making positive comments about how the office is simply spectacular.”


Louis Prevosti, M.D., FACS
Vein Atlanta

“LeVino Jones designed an ideal medical office for Vein Atlanta. They considered our existing floor plan, our budget and added their knowledge and experience to arrive at a great solution. We get many compliments from our patients and guests on the bright contemporary feel of the office.”

Atlanta Opthalmology

Brenda H. Lorenzo, Practice
Administrator Atlanta Ophthalmology Associates

“LeVino Jones has made this process not only exciting but stress-free for AOA…You continued to provide your services over and above what we expected! You guys are simply the best, most reliable professionals in your business. We trust your team implicitly and would gladly recommend you to anyone! Thanks again…I feel like I have not only enjoyed working with you all, but have gained some friendships along the way.”

oral and facial surgery

Glenn Maron, M.D. Peachtree/ Dunwoody Oral and Facial Surgery, PC

“LeVino Jones came highly recommended from colleagues in the Medical field. They did a great job with the layout and designs and truly seemed to understand the vision we had for our new space. Patients continue to comment on how they love the furnishings and finishes in our office.”


Art Huber, CHFM, FACHE, Vice-President of Facilities
Via Christi Wichita Health Network

“Our competitive, 2008 national search for an Interior Design firm led us to commission our new Hospital to LeVino Jones Medical Interiors, Inc. As healthcare design specialists, LeVino Jones has been extremely client focused and service oriented. The design approach and solutions presented have been innovative, technically sound, buildable, and have added great value to our project. LeVino Jones Medical Interiors, Inc. does not hesitate to step outside of their scope and add perspective to other elements of our project. Their project approach is organized, inclusive and methodical. I would recommend this competent professional group for a similar project without reservation.”


Brad Bootstaylor, M.D., FACOG
See Baby, LLC

“LeVino Jones brought a level of expertise and consideration that was truly refreshing. From our initial meeting, which included an on-site inspection of the project, up to the “walk through”, their attention to detail was exquisite. The team at LeVino Jones has the ability to illicit the conceptual ideas of the project and create various options in the design to make it a reality, without over extending the process or cost. Additionally, the level of communication between my team and theirs was consistent, timely and reassuring. Throughout this project, LeVino Jones instilled confidence in everyone involved, thereby completing it under budget and ahead of schedule; yielding a phenomenally beautiful uncompromised result.”


Todd Cohen, President
S.K. Project Consulting, LLC

“I want to thank you for all the great work your team has done designing projects for many of our clients over the past 15 years. The design team at LeVino Jones Medical Interiors always works diligently to keep the projects on schedule and also with budget in mind. Even on the more budget constrained projects, you and your team are able to design beautiful medical office space. Even though we have worked on many great projects together, the one in particular that is most note-worthy is Atlanta Ophthalmology Associates. After the 1st day in their new office, Dr. Palay told me it was the best day of practice he had in 20 years due to the efficient and pleasant office space. I don’t think you can get a better compliment. I look forward to working with LeVino Jones long into the future on many successful projects. Thank you again for all the great work!”

Personal Care Physicians of Atlanta

Marc A. Seltman, M.D. and
Richard D. Kaplan, M.D.
Personal Care Physicians of Atlanta

“Words cannot describe how pleased we are with the office space LeVino Jones Medical Interiors, Inc. designed and created. It is beautiful, warm and welcoming and we have received repeated praise and compliments from our patients. Alison and her staff were a pleasure to work with. At each step, she listened to our desires and concerns and took them into account in creating her beautiful design. She eagerly participated in all aspects of our construction and went above and beyond to make sure that all went well and that we were satisfied. We would give LeVino Jones our highest recommendation. They provided us an outstanding level of service.”

Obstetric and Gynecology

Genevieve L. Fairbrother, M.D./ M.P.H.
Obstetric & Gynecology of Atlanta, P.C.

“After interviewing several firms, our physicians selected LeVino Jones Medical Interiors, Inc. based on their expertise in medical space planning/design and impressive portfolio. In the 14 months of working together, we have found this group to be extremely client oriented and focused on the specific nuances of an OB/GYN specialty practice.This design team listened carefully to our needs and produced a thoughtful and efficient space plan that met both our staff work flow and patient care processes. The same detailed attention was paid to the furniture, signage and finishes component of the design while considering our budget restrictions and schedule.”

Primary Care Physicians of Atlanta

Lonnie Herzog, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Primary Care Physicians of Atlanta, P.C.

“On behalf of our group, I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent job you did in creating our new office here at the Tower at Northside Hospital.  The primary person on our project, Sandy Boyette should be singled out as truly outstanding.  She was creative, thoughtful and interacted with us in a very professional and caring matter.  I am sure that every client is a little different.  We needed a certain amount of “hand holding” and reassurance throughout the process.  Sandy was always there for us.  Now that several other offices have been built-out, I can honestly (and humbly) say that ours is the nicest.  You were able to keep us in budget using mostly building standard materials and still give our office a rich, professional look. We are forever grateful to all of you. We recommend you highly, without reservation.”


Tomas Gilbert, FACHE, FAAMA, CHE Pres., CEO Emory Dunwoody Medical Center

“We have had the pleasure of hearing continuous compliments from our patients and visitors regarding the quality of work done by LeVino Jones for our Bariatric Center here at Emory Dunwoody Medical Center.  The design is top-notch and exceeded our expectations. To receive such exceptional service in a timely manner while being cost effective is extraordinary.”

Athens Orthopedic, P.C.

Karl Elliott, Administrator Athens Orthopedic, P.C.

“We selected LeVino-Jones Medical Interiors to design our new 50,000 s.f. Orthopedic Center.  We knew that we had made an excellent choice when they finished in weeks what others could not finish in a year. Throughout the process, they continuously made me thankful for selecting them, always making the deadlines presented to them and staying within our budget.  We would definitely use them for any future construction projects.”

Atlanta Center for Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Edward Mills, D.D.S. Atlanta Center for Restorative Dentistry

“Ms. Alison Jones and her staff provided creative, as well as logistical services in renovating our existing 5000 square foot clinic. In addition, her company designed a 5000 square foot state- of- the- art surgical operatory classroom training facility.The firm’s organizational skills were critical in completing the project within budget, as well as consistent with my expectations. They spent time understanding our desires, as well as our vision for the facility. They used their vast knowledge and creativity to achieve a final result that surpassed what we had envisioned.”

Georgia Bone and Joint Surgeons

Cindy McCreary, Practice Administrator Georgia Bone and Joint Surgeons, PC

“…As was always our experience with your firm, the quality of work, friendliness of the staff and overall end result was superb.  I have always been especially pleased with your ability to ‘get more bang for the buck.’  We would highly recommend your services and expertise to anyone and have done so on numerous occasions.”

Peachtree Neurosurgery

Joy Taylor, J.D., Practice Administrator Peachtree Neurosurgery

“I found your group extraordinarily responsive to our needs, as well as to my many telephone calls. Moreover, your perspective and ideas were fresh and exciting. On a more concrete note, I appreciated how well you all were able to work within our cost framework and do it all so beautifully. Although I don’t necessarily relish the prospect of either moving the practice or relocating again, I would jump at the opportunity to work again with you guys.”

Oconee Regional Medical Center

Dennis Fraizer, Director of Planning and Project Oconee Regional Medical Center

Smart space (Standards program) has significantly streamlined the way we approach project work ….it is brilliant in its simplicity and without question, one of the most valuable long term investments we have made for our ongoing building programs.”

Whitfield County Health Center

Pat Evans, Facility Director Whitfield County Health Center

“Public Health of economic necessity has long been puritanically austere and downright drab but LeVino Jones has hatched a butterfly from a cocoon and we have soared magnificently.  The bountiful use of color, a virtually “free” source, has been a visual delight and kept us well within budget.  The attention to detail is particularly noteworthy: the team kept us on-time and within budget while creating a whole new world for the work-weary staff.  The teams’ design, technical skill and management of the process are without question.  I found Alison and her entire staff a delight to work with.  I invite you to come and see our Center.  I would be most happy to show you a little piece of LeVino Jones’ “magic.”

Women for Women

Felecia L. Dawson, M.D., FACOG, ABHM Women for Women

“LeVino Jones assisted me in transforming a nineteenth century landmark, Baltimore Row, into an elegant medical office. They helped preserve the space’s character, while bringing in more light and maximizing its function. They remained true to my vision and made sure the contractor did as well. Alison LeVino Jones, Ella Means, and their supporting cast are warm and professional. They have created one of the most beautiful Obstetrics and Gynecology offices in Atlanta-if not the most! I am forever grateful.”

cousins properties

Lee Eastwood, CCI, Vice President Cousins Properties

“LeVino Jones has handled some very delicate situations with our clients that did not understand the time lines required in the Medical Office profession.   They were always able to get the job done in a professional manner and have met some impossible deadlines with efficient and cost effective solutions.  It takes a special personality to work with Doctors.  Ella and Alison have the personality to do this with grace.  In our business you have to please the user group, the leasing people, the property management people and the development people; Levino Jones does this with flying colors.”

Milford Memorial Hospital

L. Glenn Davis, Administrator Milford Memorial Hospital

“I have worked with Interior Design firms in several different projects with the largest one being a $60 million construction project in Memphis, TN, and I have found Alison’s to be the best of any of these firms that I have worked with. I would give them my highest recommendation without reservation.”

Whitfield County Health Center

David Ronningen, Project Manager Whitfield County Health Center

“As Project Manager for the construction project, I appreciate you being very easy to work with and helping me out in areas in which I was unfamiliar. I appreciate your conscientiousness in following through with the smallest details.  You’ve been able to please a staff of over 100 people with your work and that made it easier for me.”

Hughston Orthopedic Hospital

Donald R. Avery, FACHE, President/ CEO Hughston Orthopedic Hospital

“We are extremely happy with the Standards Program developed for us by LeVino Jones. They helped us to stay within our budget and created an overall new identity for our well respected, but dated facility.  We could not have been happier with their role as our partners and would recommend them highly.”

Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates

Jere Pitner, Practice Administrator Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates

“Our 19 clinics and some 30 physicians have benefited greatly from the design approach LeVino Jones has taken with our ongoing construction projects. The standards program has allowed us to focus on patient care and not the business of setting up and managing clinic construction. It has “branded” our place in a competitive market while allowing us to fast track our process and stabilize our expenses for finishes and furnishings.”

Whitfield County Health Center

Joy F. Benson, M.D. Medical Director Whitfield County Health Department

“One of the most pleasant elements of our association has been your knowledge and concern for an environmentally responsible project.  Clean air and the greening of the building will be such a delight for us to mention just one example of this. This is the fulfillment of a long-dreamed vision for us here in Dalton and you will have left a long-lasting tasteful and aesthetic mark upon the many lives of clients and staff alike as the experience our Health Center.   Thank you!”